International conference on stochastic methods

The conference will be held from May 27th to June 03rd 2016. We invite you to take part at the conference.

Организаторы конференции:

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS, South Federal University, South Federal University, Rostov state building university, Educational center "Znanie" (=knowledge).


Chairman: A.N. Shiryaev.

Vice-chairmen: I.V. Pavlov, A.S. Holevo

Members: A.V. Bulinski, E.V. Burnaev, M.V. Zhitlukhin, V.Yu. Korolev, V.V. Mazalov, V.P. Mikka, A.A. Muravlev, A.A. Mogul’skii, V.V. Shamraeva., S.Ya. Shatskikh, E. Eberlein.


Chairman: A.N. Shiryaev

Vice-chairmen: A.A. Gushchin, P.A. Yaskov

Members: V.I. Arkin, V.I. Bogachev, V.S. Vagin, V.A. Vatutin, L.Yu. Vostrikova, Yu.E. Gliklikh, I.A. Ibragimov, Yu.M. Kabanov, S.B. Klimentov, A.A. Novikov, S.M. Pergamenchtchikov, V.G. Spokoiny, V.V. Ulyanov, A.N. Chuprunov, M. Schweizer.


Chairman: A.N. Shiryaev

Vice-chairman: V.I. Khokhlov

Members: D.B. Rokhlin, T.B. Tolozova, D.M. Chibisov, E.B. Yarovaya

The conference information:

In the early 90-ies of the last century the need for an annual conference arose that might bring together Russian mathematicians using in their research activities probabilistic and statistical methods (up to the collapse of the USSR this event was regularly held in the Georgian village of Bakuriani). As a result of joint initiatives of a number of scientists of the South of Russia and the Department of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics of Steklov Mathematical Institute the All-Russian School-Colloquium on Stochastic Methods became such a conference. This scientific meeting was held first at the end of September 1994 in the village of Abrau-Durso in the sport camp "Limanchik" of Rostov State University (now South federal university). Since then, the event had been held without interruption every year for 20 years in various regions of Russia. It always gathered a large number of major Russian scientists and young professionals. At the meetings, in particular, the main results of doctoral and candidate dissertations were reported and discussed. At the beginning of each of the 20 schools the TVP-publishers produced abstracts. The last 20-th School-Colloquium was held in May 2013 in the Republic of Mari-El.

29th April 2015 in Rostov-on-Don an extended meeting of the Organizing Bureau of School-Colloquium (11 participants) held, which unanimously adopted a decision to transform the All-Russian School-Colloquium on Stochastic Methods in annual International Conference on Stochastic Methods (chairman — academician of RAS A. N. Shiryaev).

The 1st International Conference on Stochastic Methods will be held 27.05.2016–03.06.2016 again in the village of Abrau-Durso (campus "Moryak (Sailor)") on the Black sea side.